As paranormal researchers and investigators, we wanted a way to express our philosophy in simple, easily understandable and applicable terms. Over time, we thought about a checklist or set of articles or maxims by which an investigator should abide. Joey thought for sure that, after one hundred and sixty years of paranormal investigation, someone had created one.

       When we saw that no one had, we put together the following Paranormal Bill of Rights, with the assistance of some trusted colleagues, who helped us refine the language and ensure that we covered the basics.


Our philosophy is simple:


1. Entities and haunted locations are not specimens or “attractions” to be examined or disturbed at our whim, for our amusement, or to satisfy our curiosity.

2. We ask permission before we enter the space inhabited by an entity or entities.

3.  It is not our place to use the tools of our trade to poke, prod, and invade the psychic bodies and minds of entities.

4. We employ the tools of the open-minded skeptic, drawing on past experience and the evidence at hand, while remaining open to new data as it is gathered.         

5. At the start of an investigation, we treat entities with respect and we request the same of them.

6. We do not assume that every entity that is unkind, mischievous, or non-communicative is a demon.

7. Under no circumstances do we yell at or threaten entities.

8. In a case where entities are overstepping their bounds, we talk to them—as
you would a partner, neighbor, or coworker—explaining our position and asking them to work with us.

9. We do not believe it is our right to force entities out of a space without first doing a thorough investigation and giving them an opportunity to communicate and be heard.

10. We do not distort this work for attention, financial gain, or to seek power
over any entity.  We undertake this work with Humility, Harmony, and Love.

Our 10-Point Philosophy
(A Paranormal Bill of Rights)