Archetypes and the Language of Symbols V

Archetypes and the Language of Symbols: $50 per person

There is a universal language of symbols shared by the collective unconscious of the human race. Archetypal images are patterns of energy that come together to create pictures that we all understand. The Queen, the Prince, the Rescuer, the Saboteur, each are capable of conjuring images—instant, rich, and precise—all with a single word.

Understanding what these archetypal concepts represent to you is an important part of understanding your own archetypal patterns and the patterns of those around you. A firm understanding of these patterns can go a long way toward strengthening communication and interpersonal skills and developing more meaningful relationships.

In this four-hour workshop we will explore the fascinating language or archetypes, discuss the four survival archetypes that we all share, and work to identify the archetypal patterns within you that are seeking an outlet for expression.

Understanding this rich world of universal patterns will not only help you to understand more about yourself, you will gain a better understanding of the archetypal patterns you're hoping to attract into your life.

This is a virtual workshop and will take place through Zoom.

Space is limited, call 304-212-8037

or email: to register.